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Health Care


Health Care is something we see as being paid by the government or insurance companies. But lets face it, we are all paying for it with our taxes or insurance premiums. So if we can all keep our personal Health Care costs down then we are improving our health while saving money for each other. Further our Health Care system is becoming hopelessly overloaded particularly in rural areas where there are not enough doctors, so we must look after our own health to keep ourselves out of the clinics and hospitals.

In our view, the key to health care is prevention. If we look after ourselves with proper nutrition, proper lifestyle and proper sleep, we can protect ourselves from most diseases and avoid visits to the doctor. If we go to the doctor, we will be prescribed drug(s) that may or may not deal with the root cause of the disease. And the drug(s) will be expensive because of the way drugs are made with sometimes more money spent on marketing than on research and development.

We also believe that good nutrition plus natural supplements (vitamins, minerals, bioflavanoids and essential fatty acids) can restore and maintain our health at much lower cost than the drugs from our big, profit hungry pharmaceutical companies.